Sabai Soaps Revitalise Handmade Gift Set

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I must admit, I’ve never really understood why people would go for all natural cosmetics when it comes to bath and body things. Okay, that natural aspect I get, but I always assumed that they would not work as well as non-natural cosmetic products that contained chemicals and sulphates but after trying out products from Sabai Soaps my mind has certainly been changed. I can say that I do ‘see the light’ when it comes to the au naturale cosmetics!

In the past I have tried some natural lip balms and face masks so when Sabai Soaps offered me the chance of some free natural soaps uk I jumped at the chance! With my choice of any of their soaps, I opted for the Revitalise gift set because the scents were much fruitier than the others and it contains more scrub like soaps which I quite liked the thought of.

My choices were for Kaffir Lime, Orange Spice and Mangosteen which really are a scrumptious as they sound. I really am a sucker for anything spicy so when I seen orange spice that was a definite! I am not one for using bars of soap in the shower, just at sinks to wash my hands so soaps normally last me a very long time. All of the soaps that I got from Sabai Soaps lather up well and didn’t leave my hands feeling like they’ve been sapped of moisture which many soaps can do. The packaging of these soaps are lovely too. It definitely looks and feels like a luxury product. They came in a little blue gift box within patterned wrapping paper around each bar of soap. A brilliant low cost luxury gift for someone springs to mind.

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